Monday, October 3, 2011


Mrs. Schlessinger's Honors sophomores will tell you the meaning of jingoism, especially when their sub mispronounces the word while lecturing from the PP presentation she's created herself. (The presentation took me hours, and I practiced it a million times.  How did I miss looking up that dang word?)

"The word is jingoism, Mrs. Suzuki, pronounced jin-go-ism."

"Say it again, Harris, along with its definition.  I'm so embarrassed up here and I need a minute to recover."

Harris says the word again, propping me up from my dictionary of shame.  "Jingoism.  It means extreme patriotism." (This is a beginner's definition, but his definition was better than what I had.  If you're really curious about the word, read here.)

Maybe I should purchase Catherine Maladrino's  American flag dress dress.  Then on Monday, during 2nd hour, I will sing the National Anthem while wearing that dress.