Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Back in Black

Have I been a flaky writer or what? I'm back, though, and stronger than ever.

So I'm three weeks into school now, and I'm loving every minute of it. On the first night of class, my writing professor gave us a series of writing prompts. Every time she'd give us a topic to write about, my mind would go, "You're too old for this, Grandma. Do you see all these sweet, young honeys around you, writing up bits of brilliance? Their minds are fresher, stronger than yours. Go home old goat; it's not too late to drop-out."

I walked out of that night's class thinking, "Katy, you're not letting your mind go there. Remember your step class at the gym? You used to be the worst, but now you're second to worst (sorry, Kevin). This time, you're not giving up. You're going to crank it up AC*DC style, and you ain't never looking back."

I'm Back in Black, Chicas!