Thursday, October 29, 2009

Madonna Arms

This morning I told mi Amor that I want to grow some Madonna arms. "Let's not get crazy, Katy," he insisted. Her arms are sickly and veiny; she's just so gross."

"You mean you never ever wanted to be her 'Boy Toy,' even when you saw her dance moves in the 'Lucky Star' video?"

"No. She's outright disgusting," he said, while shaving in front of the bathroom mirror. I like to pester him when he's getting ready for work.

I've heard that Ashtanga Yoga is responsible for her muscly body, and that's why, today, I decided to try my first Yoga class. Within the first ten downward dogs, I had mentally checked out. The instructor kept saying, "Reach deep inside yourself and find a happy place."

What does that mean exactly?

I decided that I should just stick with listening to my ipod and running. Maybe, instead of Madonna arms, I'll work on getting Madonna pipes. I can sing, "Get into the groove. Boy, you've got to prove your love to me..." all around the block. I know what getting into the groove means.


  1. hahaha! You can definetly get into the groove! Cute post. I love to bug Dana ALL the time.

    Madonna is gross but not so much in the looks dept ( book). I think she looks great for being 50 or whatever.

  2. Yes, where exactly is that happy place? The left kidney, perhaps? I like your amour. I'll call him Grounded Guy. Madonna's arms look like Gumby.