Tuesday, November 29, 2011


These were yesterday's best shots.  They're not good enough, so we'll have to take more on Friday.  Are you sad for me, Jill?

I may have acted like a swamp witch while asking them to smile for the billionth time.  I've repented.

I may have turned gangsta' on the man who, my homegurl warned, was coming up from behind as I stood snapping pictures on a remote street in downtown Phoenix.  The guy asked, "Have you seen my friend...

"No," I cut him off mid-sentence.  "I have not seen your friend.  We just got here!"  I stared him in the eye and gave him the what's-your-next-question, chump? look.  Then I slightly wagged my head and neck while waiting for his response, and that's when he decided to turn and walk the other direction.

"That's what I thought," I said under my breath as he walked away.

"You're kind of tough," my homegurl noted.  And I said, "Dang-straight! That's how we do."

Then I turned and saw that Bryce was coming out from behind the building, so maybe it was Bryce who scared him off.  No...

P.S. Maybe I should repent for being rude to the man.


  1. katy, I'm here to help. what ever you need my friend! family pics are frustrating for sure. especially for the mama. i'd like to see you and bryce in there :) !!!!!!!!!!