Friday, December 18, 2009

It's All a Blur

That's me, on the left, doing my thang at a Nordstrom trunk show. The picture was taken two years ago, and it's the only tangible memory I have from doing the show. When I downloaded the picture, I was bummed that it turned out so blurry. I knew I'd have to squint to see all the hours I had spent on making those hair accessories.

I look at this picture every now and again, and for some reason this thought always comes to mind: Don't waste time on things that profit you little or nothing. My little tryst with Nordstrom wasn't unprofitable or a waste of time, but all the trunk shows took place during the holidays. As you could imagine, I was already up to my eyeballs with other holiday responsibilities and adding four trunk shows into the mix wasn't easy--at all.

I was a SWAMP WITCH from November 1st until January 1st. I cried and yelled more times than I care to share, and my kids got used to saying, "We won't bother you while you're making clips." I was making clips for three months straight, so they didn't have a mother until Christmas day.

Was it worth it?

Yes and no.

I'll always be glad to have the accomplishment. But every time my kids look at that picture, they say, "Remember all those clips?" It's a loaded question, so I always leave it alone, unanswered.

P.S. The girl standing next to me is the Kids' Wear manager. I got to know her really well, so well, in fact, I ended up giving her a BOM. While standing in between the kids' clothes and cases of Dior sunglasses, I bore my testimony about Joseph Smith and the restoration of the gospel. It was gutsy of me, I know.

So my point is: Maybe it was all worth it, just for that one little part.

P.P.S Behaving like a swamp witch is never justifiable, right?


  1. Wow! Those hair clips are amazing!!! You are one talented momma! And I love that you were gutsy enough to share your testimony and a BOM. Shows that you weren't just a swamp witch but somewhere in the busyness of making and selling clips you were able to remember the true meaning of Christmas and share it with others! Merry Christmas to you and your cute family!

  2. YOU are trulty talented and amazing!! Your kids don't think you are a swamp-witch. It's funny...down the will still remember it, but they won't. Sometimes we are so much harder on ourselves, than our kids would ever think to be. YOU have always been such an example to me. I love you! Merry Christmas!

  3. Crazy I totally remember you during all that. You have an amazing talent and I PRAY someday to have a little GIRL to wear one of your clips!! Love ya!

  4. Lydia and Ella love to wear theirs! Ella wore hers at the preschool Christmas Program. She stood in the middle of the group, because she is so short, and the lights shone on the barrette and it sparkled throughout the program!! You would be so proud!(the good kind of pride) :) So from one grandma - thank you! to a sweet niece for making and creating the "clips"

  5. What a great picture even if it is blurred. Being a swamp witch now and then is just a part of life. It comes when we have a lot to do and little time to do it. But YOU DID IT! And gave a BOM away to boot. What a woman.