Monday, November 8, 2010


I've missed you so...

This year for Halloween I bought myself a costume and dressed up like a sailor gal. Someone at the ward party said that I was wearing a kid's costume, and I told them not to worry about it and that the church is still true. Then I asked if they wanted a bite of the diarrhea chili I was eating, and they said no thanks. (It was the chili I made, so I could say that.)

My homies were elated that I showed some Halloween spirit, so I think I'll make it a tradition to dress up every year, even if the costume happens to be child-sized.

In other news...My homegurl is trying out for cheer, and I'm bit-my-fingernails-to-the-nub nervous about it. I already contacted the school cheer coach and offered to be her assistant. She hasn't e-mailed me back--embarrassing, I know. It was presumptuous of me since my homgurl hasn't even made the squad. I think I have ants in my pants, and this may be my biggest flaw.

Actually, I have a bigger flaw, namely impulsiveness. That's why there's this picture of me doing the splits on the tractor. What is wrong with me?

I hope you have a good day tomorrow. I will be subbing in math at the jr. high. I'm going to tell the kids that if they're good, I will sing them a solo. Lady Gaga, MJ, Jay-Z, Alicia Keys, I can do them all:)


  1. hannah will totally make the team. save your nail biting for a worth cause! I <3'd your halloween costume :)

  2. It looks to me as if there is not a thing wrong with you.

  3. You always crack me up! Diarrhea chili? I should try that line :)

  4. You look absolutely FABULOUS in your child-sized costume!! I love it! I want it next year!! Haha.
    Ooo, let me know how it goes for Hannah!
    Love lots,
    PS- I would love to hear a solo if I were in your class, just sayin... Hahhaha. They just don't know how talented you are!

  5. We so love you and your family. Thanks for making us special. Damian feels the friendship from your family and terribly misses Bryce as his teacher. Love you guys. Eloise

  6. My blog list is so boring! I can't take anymore post about babies visiting Santa at the mall! Write something already!