Tuesday, December 28, 2010


This morning I told mi Amor that my New Year's resolution is to become more selfish. He said, "You'd better check yourself, before you wreck yourself." I said, "Too late. Damage done." (J/K)

My REAL new year's resolution is to play the piano like Beethoven by year's end. OK, I will be happy if I can make it through 20 songs from the primary Children's Songbook. Last night during FHE I even tried accompanying my homies in singing "Families Can Be Together Forever." I made it through the first three measures, but then one of my homies said, "It sounds better with just our voices only." The truth hurts like stubbing a toe a 3 A.M. in the morning. (That happened to me this morning on my way to the ladies' room, FYI.)

Did you know that I ask mi Amor for another baby everyday? I think about having another one about 500 times a day. I think I have a disorder. Why would I want a baby anyway? My eggs are way too OLD, old, Old...We used to tell my littlest brother that he was an old egg, just to get under his skin. But mi madre always says she couldn't imagine life without him, me either. What if I have an old egg waiting in heaven for me?

P.S. I just got false eyelashes put on, and that bit of news was the REAL reason for this post. Mi Amor says he loves them, and that little compliment only encourages me to keep them on for the rest of my life. If I see you in the meat department at Bashas' today, I will flutter my lashes for you.


  1. Missed you! And don't even get me started on the baby thing. I am always encouraging other people to have more kids. The more the merrier. AND . . .Michelle's baby will love having a little cousin!

  2. Angie, It's about time, huh?

    Heather, You need to work on Bryce for me;)

  3. I love your eyelashes. They're so pretty. Maybe I need some too!

    I've missed reading your blogs. But you must be busy..and that's a good thing. I think you are just busy thinking of babies. Really? 500 times a day? WOW!

    I love you!

  4. new eyelashes ---> new baby :)

  5. I think you're on to something, Kate. Time for an eyelash fill!