Saturday, February 19, 2011

Huffing Sharpies

I've spent the last two hours making this poster for tomorrow's primary singing time. I'm the new primary music leader, you know, and I now spend most of my Saturday nights plotting a way to wow the ties off the senior primary boys. There's a herd of them, and they can easily turn Singing Time into Torture the Chorister Time. One of my homies is a member of the boy herd, and he's got my back, most of the time.

The above posters are for the song, "The Books of the New Testament," and it's one of my favorite primary tunes. As some of you may know, its melody is the same as "Praise to the Man," also a personal fave.

I decided to outline all the words to the song with a big, fat black sharpie. I want to make sure the boys in the back can see every word. As I outlined all 190 letters, the ceiling fan above my head swirled and spread the fumes throughout our house. My eyes were watering, and I think I was huffing, so Mi Amor called down from the stairs and said, "Are you about done with that thing? It's ridiculous how much time you spend on this stuff." I told him to simmer down and that I only had 5 letters left to outline.

After I finished tracing my letters, I turned up my boom box and sang along to "The Books of the New Testament" about 200 times. I kept getting stuck on the timing for "first and second Corinthians." I think Mi Amor slammed the door on round 7 of my song practice, but I've got the song down pat now.


  1. Tu amor here. In fairness, I couldn't concentrate on MLB Top 100 Fantasy Baseball b/c the fumes were making me lightheaded. Song on "repeat 1" for two hours didn't help either, although your unique style of karaoke is pretty sweet. And, yes, I do think that ten minutes in front of ten year olds isn't worth ten hours of prep time.

  2. They will remember it and you all through their missions as they are flipping through their scriptures trying to remember which book is where!

  3. Huffing? I haven't heard that term in ages! Brief pathetic story: In high school I had a little friend who huffed gas from the tanks in the parking lot and she would come to school so stoned with a black greasy ring around her lips from the gas tank. Wow. When I say pathetic I deliver eh?

    You rock music leader! That is my most feared calling in the church. I watch our leader every week and she is getting good use of her laminator, I'll tell you that much!

  4. Bryce, Why u gotz ta front?

    Jessica, I use this song, to this very day, to find Corinthians:)

    Angie, After teaching the song, I had to throw the posters outside of the primary room. The Sharpie smell was nauseating. I fear being the chorister very much. I sweat, and my voice cracks when I sing. And every week I apologize to the entire group for both things.

  5. This used to be my favorite job in the church. You are perfect for this.
    My most successful ten minutes involved paper sack puppets I'd made. Performance art!