Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Bad Biff and the Worst Lunch

I biffed it bad in step today, a total derriere splat. My fall made a loud noise, and I heard some snickering from behind. I thought to myself, "You should have worn the skirt." But the skirt was in the hamper, and I was out of Febreze .

Today I volunteered in the school cafeteria, and I always like seeing what moms pack in their homies' lunches. Maybe the dad or, heaven forbid, your homies pack the lunches in your house. But in our house, it's me, and I hate packing lunches--HATE IT.

I'm always looking for new ideas, and I thought I'd share my top 3 faves from today.

1. fresh blueberries, a bran muffin, yogurt, and string cheese
2. antipasti salad, a roll (homemade, I even asked if it was), and dried apricots
3. turkey wrap, ants on a log, an already PEELED orange (Is that the nicest or what?)


1. boiled egg and a small container of tuna

Someone in the 4th grade brought the above mentioned combo, and I have one word: pungent. All of the kids around her were fanning their faces and saying, "What is that smell? Did someone die in your lunch bag?" Surprisingly, the girl wasn't embarrassed. She just smeared the raw tuna on a cracker and munched away. I was proud of her bravery.

Someday I want explode off my step like the ladies pictured above.


  1. I hate making lunches like you (even though we don't say "hate" at our house). I got a quick and easy sandwich substitute awhile back I've been incorporating once in awhile: Lay down a tortilla on a plate, spread marinara on it then a single layer of spinach leaves, then sprinkle cheese on that. Microwave for 30 sec. and roll it up. Then you cut it into 4-5 pieces. They love it! It's called "pizza roll-up" (don't call it "spinach roll-up" like I did once and got them all suspicious).
    It works great in those plastic bento boxes. I have some other brand I got at Costco for $10.
    Sorry- worlds longest comment :)

  2. I forgot to ask about the bento boxes. You send the lunch packaged in one so the lunch is compartmentalized? It also keeps the wrap warm until lunch?

  3. i like all your ideas and maybe katies too, gotta try that one before i confirm though! my kids make their own. I am bad mom?! oh well, they've been doing it since forever and i love it.

  4. Oh man. This morning I was packing a lunch for my 1st grader...it was pretty lame. Your words floated through my mind...The worst lunch. Was hers to be the worst lunch? P.B. and J tortilla roll ups, Doritos, and a Thermos of milk? I was guilted into slicing up some oranges:)

    P.S. My little girl told me about her classmate, Vincent from China whose mother sends him sushi every day. I thought that was the coolest. But then Afton told me he hides it under the table because he's embarrassed. I personally think that is the coolest lunch ever...but was that not the saddest thing you ever heard in the lunch department?

  5. I used to like vienna sausages. Geesh.