Friday, January 7, 2011

Cheer Hair Flair

Yesterday I busted out twenty bows for my homegurl's cheer squad. The girls on her team squealed and gushed over the bows as I pulled them out of the bag and passed them out. Their reactions rocketed my self esteem to Mars, but I really just made the bows for that sweet girl of mine.

Tomorrow she turns thirteen, and I'm stealing her away from school today so we can do lunch and shop for some skinny jeans (for her, not me). We gals like getting the party started early and such.

I just got back from step class, and I wore this black tennis skirt mi Amor picked out for me during Christmas break. I told him, "I cant wear that sassy skirt. Only the professional steppers wear that kind of attire." He said, "Get the skirt."

We bought the skirt because deep down I want to have moves like Jane Fonda and my step instructor, Lori. She's the very best teacher in AZ, you know.

Anyhoo...Today, I only tripped once, so I think the skirt has magic in it. The only problem is it's too short, like daisy duke short. So during push-ups, lunges, and over back overs, I was flashing my peaches to all my step ladyfriends. I kept shimmying the skirt down, but up it came, over and over again. I need some biker shorts to wear underneath the skirt, so maybe today we'll shop for skinny jeans and some extra long biker shorts.

P.S. The president of Creamies Inc. called today and said, "Please, please, please ask your Arizona grocers to carry Creamies." They would love to be back in our market. He told me that Walmart carried them but recently discontinued selling them. If you love Creamies, tell the manager at your local grocery store.


  1. KA-UTE bows! How'd ya make 'em?!?

  2. I thought about doing a how-to post while making these bows, but I was under a deadline. I will do one soon, though:)