Tuesday, March 22, 2011


I hadn't been to the gym in over a week, so when I went to Bodyattack yesterday, my behavior may have been a bit overzealous.

Have I mentioned that I LOVE my fitness instructor? It's just that I really admire her. The fact that she has served a mission, was a school teacher, has five kids and wants one more, is thirty-nine, teaches piano lessons, gets up at 3:50 (that's a.m.) to practice the correct choreography for our class, really impresses me. She's inspiring and immortal, I think.

Anyway, yesterday after class I ran up to her to tell her how much I missed exercising last week. Except, instead of saying how much I missed my workouts and her class, I said, "I missed you so much last week." Then I put my hand on her shoulder, cocked my head to the side and smiled and blinked--too many blinks.

The awkward pause forced her to give me an obligatory I missed seeing you too. I could tell she thought I was a little too...What would you call it? Obsessed.

I'm not obsessed. Sometimes I'm just a little too expressive. I just really love people, and Lori.

P.S. I will really know I'm abnormal if I hear the sound of crickets in the comment section of this blog. Please tell me you've done the same thing in your life.


  1. lol... Couldn't leave you hanging...
    Besides, you are so not alone. Promise!


  2. Forget the awkward moment at the gym...what the h is that "bride bear doll" you are holding? Ha ha ha ha ha ha.

  3. Jaime, You're my best friend.

    Carlie, That bear was a part of the Valentine decor at the ward party. I was the photographer and that bear was a great prop. So romantic, really.

  4. Hey, where is my comment? Anyway... my life is crazy... need to do some posts on my blog... spied yours and you make me laugh. But seriously, what is the story about the bear and the roses?? UGLY. Loving your brown hair... it looks super good in this photo! love ya

  5. Tracy, the picture of me and the bear is supposed to fit in with the title of the post, "Awkward." The bear was part of the decor for our ward Valentine's Day party. The bear was so hideous, I had to take a picture with it. Please notice the other bear riding a bike in the background.

  6. I meant to spell it "Tracey"