Monday, March 21, 2011

Cupcake Girl

This girl is a cupcake expert, a cupcake foodie to her core. She's traveled from New York to Los Angeles, trying different varieties of luscious lemon chiffon, rockin' red velvet, and marvelous milk chocolate cupcakes. She's ruled that the Sweet Tooth Fairy (Provo, Utah's finest cake bakery) is the very best, and Sprinkles is a close second, along with The Coffee Shop and Magnolia Bakery.

But as I look at this picture of the two of us, I don't think about our trip to Casey's Cupcakes. Instead, I notice the feather peeking out from underneath her golden hair--how hip she is--and how she's almost as tall as me. When we talk, we look at each other, eye to eye. And when we hug, her head rests on my shoulder. And when we argue, I can no longer see the little girl who used to tug my hand and say, "Let's go play Barbies. You can be Ken."

She's changing. And when I'm really thinking of all that's right in my life, I fall down on my knees and thank heaven for the privilege of watching her grow.

P.S. Does my shirt remind you of Irene Cara's in Flashdance? Trust me, I'm wearing my religion under that shirt, even though it doesn't look like it. You weren't judging me, though.

P.P.S. Please take note of the lovebirds in the first picture. They were kissing and eating their cupcake like it was their wedding day. So in love.


  1. I was TOTally judging you:) You must be like my mom in law who dresses scandilously on cruises.

    Sweet post. In both senses of the word.

  2. Better than Sprinkles? Better than Magnolia's? I have to take a drive to Provo.

    The two of you look good enough to eat.

  3. Louise, I'm really bummed I didn't get to hear you speak while you were in Gilbert. I will get over it. Maybe.

  4. I love your cupcake girl. She's awesome :) You're pretty darn cool too. "what a feelin'" was my favorite song when I was a kid. I always requested it at "Skateway".

  5. Bahumbug to love birds! Peee ew! And yes, love your flashdance shirt... I am currently garmentless... see... I have lots of scoop to post... loving panties... am I evil? I am still Mormon, just taking a small break. Whew. You are the best! And your baby girl has the most AMAZING hair! So does my oldest... no fair :)