Monday, June 6, 2011

Better Than Chocolate

Run over to your nearest Wal-Mart and buy a year supply of lavender Purex Crystals.  Although the bottle's label says it's a softner, its main purpose is to freshen your laundry with a long-lasting scent that will mask that unbearable dogboy smell your homies and their clothes get after playing outside for 5 minutes.

Trust me, I've tried E-V-E-R-Y fabric freshener and this one, chica, is the very best.  If you want more product information, read here.

P.S. No one paid me to plug this product.


  1. Wait?! Are you saying this product could quite possibly work for my baseball playing 15 year old?! Oh my what a stinky season (and I don't mean their 1 win multiple losses).

    I will take your advice! ;)

  2. love trying out new things! It makes motherhood so exciting. Thanks :)