Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Girls' Camp: Shine On

I nearly flew to the moon and back when the stake asked me to be a part of planning this year's girls' camp. At our first committee meeting I said, "Next to helping to build testimonies, the most important thing about girls' camp is the T-shirt." The T-shirt has to be cool, cooler than One Direction. (Have you heard of this boy-band all the girls are crazy for?)

The ladies on the committee all agreed, and we decided to use the TOMS label as our inspiration for this year's YCL (youth camp leader) T-shirt logo.  We e-mailed our idea to the famous Amy Gregory of Inkd Designs, and she brilliantly created the two designs below for us to choose from.

Are you dying at how tuned-in to cool she is?  Way better than One Direction, right?


  1. aw you are too kind. And can I just say, I am laughing out loud at your posts...just the post-baby therapy I needed. The more I read, the more I feel like I need to come sit in your kitchen & laugh with you. LOVE it! Glad the logos turned out like you wanted.

  2. Makes me almost want to go to Girls' Camp. That's a lie, of course. I just want the t-shirt.