Thursday, September 6, 2012

Farmhouse Obsession

Down the street from us there's a farmhouse for sale.  I'm obsessed with living in it.  Each day I come home from school to check the MLS to see if it's sold yet.  And last weekend I drove past it 20 times and even drove up to stare through its windows.

"It's not going to sell," I placate myself.  "It sits on the edge of a busy street and was built in 1952, so hellou, money pit.  The house sits on an acre lot whose land is to the side of it instead of in the back.  Who has a sideyard for a backyard?  And the land in the back houses somebody elses cows.  Unless there's free milk and cheese involved, who wants to smell all that?

This is what my rational brain tells me.  But over breakfast this morning I told Bryce,

"Maybe we should move there. Let's ask Travis, the owner, if we can just rent it from him--see if we like living there, on a busy street, in a county island.  Living on an acre has it's advantages, you know.  We could play baseball, plant a garden, get chickens and goats, compost, even build a better house when we're rich and country fancy.

"It's a money pit, Katy, I'm telling you.  But, maybe it's worth looking into.  It may have some potential."

He's giving me the green light, I think.  I'll keep you posted, but if you're interested in the money pit, you can look here.  Also, living here would allow me to inherit some super cool neighbors.


  1. Moving is such an adrenaline booster. New place, new ideas, new possibilities, new sense of yourself. I love moving.

  2. That's funny because I had a client ask me about that same property today.

  3. They should buy it, Pam, just for the land. It's a really great area, too.