Friday, September 14, 2012

Rockstar Cords

Just the other night I told Bryce that I wanted some cords and a denim shirt.  He said, "Don't go manish on me."

"Manish? I said. "Please! I've been wearing that look, on and off, since we kissed seventeen years ago in the denim stockroom at the Gap.  Didn't seem to bother you then.  Manish.  You've lost your sense of fashion."

Then the next day I went to lunch with my friends, and Shannon said she just bought some cords.

"Where did you get them?" I asked.  "We must be going to the same Circle K for our Diet Cokes, because just last night I said I needed some cords."

"Well," she said, Old Navy has the best cords right now, and I don't usually buy my pants from there, but they are the best, especially since they are 30 bucks.  Just be warned: they run really, really small, so you"ll have to go up a few sizes."

Last night I took her advice and I trucked it over to Old Slavy (that's what you call it if you work there), and bought some cords.  I took this picture so you could see what they look like.  Do you like my contorted and mysterious pose?  I couldn't fit my whole body in the picture, but it doesn't matter since I know you're not judgin' me.  And,  from the looks of it, Bryce likes the pose and cords, anyway.  Do you see him peeking from behind my shoulder?  Not so manish, right?

P.S.  I never worked at Old Slavy, but Bryce did.  Too bad I couldn't kiss him in their stockroom.


  1. I bought some as well and for the girls. They are the best! Love them!

  2. I was a GAP girl:) There at 4:45 a.m. doing windows. You look awesome.

  3. Katy, you're adorable! I miss you!

  4. I just got an e-mail that they are on sale for $19!!!!! What a deal. You better get a few more colors, can't beat a good pair of colored cords for nineteen bucks!

  5. On my way to ON right now. Thanks, Heidi:)

  6. I think there should be more kissing in all stockrooms. I love this fall's colored genes.