Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Name Dropping

As I walked out of the gym yesterday, a friend from my ward said,

"I have to tell you what Josh did during sharing time."

"Stop!" I said.  "I don't even want to know!"

She didn't listen and went on with the story.

"Well, he really, really wanted to be picked to find the hidden Easter Egg, so instead of calling out the typical, 'Me, Me! Pick Me!' he started calling out, "Do you know my mom?  Do you know who my mom is? She's Katy Suzuki.  Katy Suzuki is my mom!"

I started cracking up, and I asked my friend, "Did my name influence the teacher's pick?"


Are you embarrassed for me?

When Josh got home from school, I said, "Sister Johnson told me about you calling out my name during sharing time."  He blushed and while he hide behind his sheepish grin of embarrassment, I said, "Nobody has paid me a higher compliment.  You're my biggest fan, and I love you to the moon and back and to the moon again, buddy."

Moms are powerful.

The end.

P.S. Here's our Christmas card picture.  Some of my friends say we look like we're running for office.


  1. I'd vote for you, since I'm sure I'm your #1 fan! :) VOTE SUZUKI!

    p.s.- please once again don't think i'm a creeper, i'm really not, I just find your blog so entertaining!

  2. Okay, when I get a Christmas card like this, I have to dump it in the waste can and say, "These aren't real people, and I don't need to paste them to the fridge to remind me that my life is not color coordinated."

  3. Louise, Did you get our card? I sent you one. I'l have you know that I didn't even go out and buy a single new thing for this picture. We already had color-coordinating things in our closets. What does that say about me? And, those are all our real books in the backdrop. I love you!

  4. Love that picture! Totally looks like a politician’s family. When I saw the blog title and picture I actually did look at picture to see if you were sitting with someone famous, you know, like Mitt.