Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Crazy Carol Follow-Up

Rudy did a great job trimming our Sasquatch tree. I warned him that Crazy Carol would be spying on him from behind her Battenburg lace curtains, watching his every prune. I wondered why she didn't burst from her perch when she saw Rudy unintentionally leaving behind a few branches.

Carolyn won't be able to let it go. The branches will drive her crazy and over the edge. She'll call me in the morning, and I won't answer her call. This will make her even crazier, so she'll leave a handwritten sticky note on my door, You missed a few! I'll flip over the note and write on its backside: SO SUE ME. Then I'll paper plane it over the fence, landing it underneath the branches. I'm willing to go to war over that tree.

P.S. Please note additional grapevines.

P.P.S Life really is too short.