Thursday, August 6, 2009


This show looks promising. We watched the pilot episode and within the show's first twenty seconds, we were laughing out loud. It took me a minute to get past all the stereotyping, though.

As I'm writing this, my homgurl is telling me that I shouldn't be recommending this show. I guess later on in the episode there's a bum grabbing, make out session (I missed that part). So don't get mad at me for suggesting filth like Glee. Just ignore this post.


  1. saved by the bell meets beverly hills 90210?

  2. Have you watched it? I've never watch Saved by the Bell, but I was hooked on that sleezy 90210 show. I hate to admit it. I like all the singing in Glee Club.

  3. Okay, the thing I found incredible about "Glee" was the tryouts. Have you ever seen that kind of talent under one high school roof? Except for High School Musical 1,2. and 3? I didn't get past those tryouts.

    (But I LOVED "Lipstick Jungle."

  4. I've heard that the high schools in Burbank have talent like that. I see what you're saying. It's over the top fantastical, totally unrealistic. But who can resist loving all those fun songs?