Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Fatboy Slim, I Praise YOU!

Yesterday was extra horrible, mostly because I let my thoughts wander into a dark swamp filled with despair. I was near tears the entire day as I entertained my mind with worry and self doubt: Will my new IUD kill me? Will I die of Melanoma? (I had a mole removed and now have stitches and a black eye.) I was sure of the dying part, so I moved on to grimmer details: Who will be the the new mom when I die? Will she be prettier and have bigger boobs? Will she love my kids better than I love my kids? I bet she won't be such a swamp witch, yelling at these kids like crazy; they really deserve better.

My negativity was rotting my heart, so I said a tinsy prayer, right in the middle of the kitchen floor. I committed to making today a little better and brighter. I said I'd be more grateful for the good things: friends, family, my church calling, and dancing. Thank you, Fatboy Slim. Your dancing made me bust-a-gut.

My life would be better if I had choreographing skills like Spike Jonez. Hold up. I'm not entertaining those kinds of thoughts today. Envy rots my bones. Remember yesterday's swamp of despair? I'm not going back to that place for at least another 2 days.

P.S. Please note the LA temple in the beginning scene. temple attendence+sassy dancing (after you're done with a session., of course) = a joyful soul.

P.P.S. Dr. English just called and said my mole was BENIGN! That's another thing to dance about.


  1. Love the video! Just not as much as you!

  2. I really don't know how you could think anything negative about yourself!!!! My kids talk about you on a DAILY basis! My sister, Jennifer, just said today (as she was looking at the pics of me and you that we took when I was visiting you), "Has Katy had plastic surgery? She looks like she did when we were kids. She is sooooo pretty". (Thanks! I was feeling like chopped liver next to you!!!!) :P

    I'm sorry you had such a rotten day yesterday. It's just Satan putting bad thoughts in your head because you are so AWESOME. Next me...and I will tell you myself!!!!

    I love you!!!!!

  3. You're the best. I wasn't meaning to have a pity party.

    I think there's a new girl in your I came across her blog when I was looking for a new blog header. She seems cute and interesting. Maybe she'll have a special video to share with your Relief Society:)

  4. I checked her out. I don't recognize her, but I'm gonna look on Sunday!