Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Christmas Lists

It's already Christmas at Target and Walmart, and that's why, on our way home from school today, I asked my homies to cough up their Christmas lists. I even made them sign an "I Won't Change My Mind" contract. (Not really.)

I did say, "Santa might have a nervous breakdown if you change your minds too much. It's really hard for him when, for example, a little girl says she wants the American Girl doll, Rebecca, then two days before Christmas, she changes her mind and wants a beach cruiser. Besides, the elves have such little hands. We wouldn't want to put them through such torture. My point is: What you put on your lists must stay on your lists. No changies. Okey dokey, artichokey?"

They just sat there, staring. Finally the littlest one blurted, "Santa can do anything."

I glared at my oldest homie, because she knows the truth about Santa. (I didn't tell her. You can blame that one on mi Amor.) I didn't want her to go ahead and share that Santa's pocket book is only as big as the one sitting on the armrest next to us (which currently holds: a parking ticket, a pile of receipts, and three pennies).

She's usually the one who demands the most, and so, my message was really for her. For example, the above pictured bike is at the top of her list. I can't blame her for falling in love with it, but we (Santa and I) can't handle a little switcheroo at the last second, especially at the tune of 459 bucks.

You'll have to excuse me while Santa and I plan a yard sale. We'll need to earn funds, so we can put this bike on layaway, ASAP. Or else, she may be forced to settle for a Huffy with an extra long banana seat. It might just be the perfect bike for junior high. What would her friends say?


  1. That is some wonderful bike. The girl has good taste.

  2. The draw of this bike is nobody in our area has this particular model. You can't believe the beach cruiser brigade I have to wade through, on my way to school every morning. I think almost every girl in our neighborhood has a beach cruiser. Hannah is currently riding a bike fit for a six year old. It's embarrassingly too small, and she's endured 500 dollars worth of ridicule. That's how I'm justifying the cost of the bike, anyway.

    I really shouldn't entertain her want to outdo the other girls. On the other hand, it's kind of fun. I'm going to have to repent for being so prideful, huh?

  3. oooooo, I like that bike. It just might be on my list too!!

  4. oh my gosh, Katy, you are SUCH a good writer! I know I say that every time I come here, but I get mesmerized.

    Love the bike. I want one too. Maybe Hannah should join Santa and have a bake sale...for a good bike cause with Elle. Hmmm. On second thought, I think they made -0.32 cents on their last one (if you take into account the cookie dough they bought). I hope she gets it though!

    And, yes, Bryce is right, don't get the Madonna arms.

    Love the Barbie thing...and the hair...all of it. Keep it coming!

  5. Maybe they could sell the dance video they made at my house today. It was H-I-L-A-R-I-O-U-S! I'm trying to figure out how to burn a copy for you.

  6. Santa is sooo wise. Yes, he has given the speech at my house also. I am glad that I am not the only crazy one wanting a list with NO changes.

    Love that bike. Makes me want one. I'm thinking garage sale to raise Santa funds. It only gets worse the older they get.

  7. UGH! Christmas is almost here!!!! I was asked on Sunday to give a short talk at the next Enrichment. What might I be talking about? Keeping Christmas Gifts Simple! LOL. They OBVIOUSLY do not know how incredibly SPOILED my children are!!! LOL

    I love reading your blogs!!! FYI...JUst in case I haven't told you before! LOL

  8. You crack me up! My kids aren't quite old enough for the last minute switcheroo, fortunately. They're still putting all of last year's toys on their current lists. Well that's easy. I'm sure Santa won't mind wrapping up the dolls and transformers that are currently strewn about our floors. It'll save me some housework even.

  9. Elle is so sad about Hannah's seating arrangement in class. I guess she's sitting all by herself with a bunch of boys, which true to form, Elle said Hannah was awesome about, but still, she's worried about it. I don't know if she's feeling like she's partly to blame or what, but hope Hannah can feel her good vibes coming over to greet her.

    I really want to see the dance. I heard about it from the girls too.

  10. Hannah told me Elle was so concerned about her seating arrangement. What would we do without Elle?

    I'm e-mailing Hannah's teacher to tell him she can't sit in the back of the room, especially with all those BOYS! Yikes!

  11. ohhh man do i know about those $500 bikes. they are beauties tho arent they?!