Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Five Guys: Follow-Up Review

Top 5 Reasons for Loving Five Guys

1. While we're waiting in line to order our food, our beef-lovin' son drew this picture and hung it on the Five Guy "Leave Comments Here, Please!" board.

2. I hate ground beef! But I ate a burger, just for you, so I could honestly tell you that the meat tastes fresh and fabulous.

3. Five Guys' fries taste better than In-N-Out's fries (sorry), AND you can make your own Training Table-ish fry sauce. Just order a side of mayo and BBQ sauce, and mix it together like you're cooking in the kitchen with Julia Child.

4. They play good music. I'm pretty sure that a Pointer Sisters song came on ("He's So Fine," to be exact). I shook my trunk, side to side, while I refilled at the all-you-can-drink soda fountain.

5. But, I mostly loved chattin' it up with my homies over fries and beef on a bun. Our Tuesday night felt like a Friday night, and I have to thank Five Guys for giving me that bit o' magic.


  1. eweee you ate it! you didn't have to do that just for me. the "no eata the ground beefa" club is going to have to put you on probation. good thing you can shake it! turning tuesdays into fridays is good though i like that :)

  2. We have one too and we liked it, but I still LOVE In-n-out! Must be the nostalgia

  3. Oh, Dacia, Don't get me wrong. In-N-Out is still top dog. I just think the fries are better at Five Guys.

    Jill, I mostly swallowed the burger whole.

  4. They have one in Utah that I haven't tried. We keep hearing of rumors that In-N-Out is coming too. Maybe it's here. I don't leave the house much.

  5. I learned that In-N-Out's fries are MUCH better if you order them crispy!!!

  6. Oh, I'm going to have to try "extra crispy" fries. I've tried them animal style, and that's delish. Except, after I eat them that way, I feel like I'm going to explode.