Thursday, August 5, 2010

Mormon Boys

Next week mi Madre is heading to las montanas, so she can teach the young women in her stake to sing it like the Mo Tab (and Beyonce). She's the very best at getting the girls all revved up and musical, so that's why I told her that she had better teach her campers the song mentioned below (a Camp LoMia fav). Here's a video and the words, just in case you're like mi Madre, and you are in charge of teaching the young women to belt it like they mean it.

I like Mormon boys, and I cannot lie.

You other sisters can't deny.

When a boy walks in with his scriptures in his case

and a smile upon his face, you get a date!

A celestial mate.

But wait!

He's goin' on a mission, havin' you wishin' had a man,

Someone to hold your hand!

Deacons! What?

Teachers! What?

We don't like your features!

Your brothers are hot, and you are not!

So give us some righteous Priests! Huh!

P.S. The looks of disgust that my homegurl throws at me pierce me to the core. I had better enroll in some "How to Be Cooler" classes. She thinks my Vanilla Ice rappin' skills stink like beef and cheese. Or maybe it's just my whole personage that offends every bone in her body. The church is still true.


  1. Ah, Katy. I can't even begin to tell you how much I would have loved to have mom like you! You are so fun, so positive, so smart, so good. Seriously, you're awesome!

  2. Shelly, I tell the Mia Maids that the friends in their church classes will be the friends they come to love the most. I feel that way about you.

  3. Katy are too funny! At Ricks, I remember you singing a song about fighting off Satan....I knew you had real talent then. You are so cute. Love to see your blog!

  4. Oh, no, Leslie. I don't remember that song, but I think I need to teach to the Mia Maids:) Are you teaching school this year?

  5. Fantastic! My niece in Colorado was teaching Hallie the song from camp for their ward. They used Katy Perry's "California Girls" as the tune. Muy catchy, like yours.

  6. That was awesome! On so many levels.