Wednesday, February 15, 2012


We had a nice time.  I might be pregnant. Here are some pictures (not of me getting pregnant).

Where we stayed: Huntington on Nob Hill.  
The view of the Bay from our room window
Grace Cathedral on Nob Hill
The SilverSneakers Tai Chi class below our room window
 Haight Ashbury

Meat feast. I do not eat swine, but Bryce does.
Chinese New Year's parade.  The people sitting in the windows of the tall building had the best seats.
Me, ticked-off

the end


  1. I want to hear the "ticked off" story. That's the story. Ticked off in San Francisco. Ticked off on vacation. Ticked off with all your loved ones.

    You look great, even though you're ticked off.

  2. He wanted to take a nap instead of going over the Golden Gate Bridge. We have different levels of energy. I like to go-go, and he needs breaks between the go-gos.