Thursday, February 9, 2012

Sing It Like You Mean It, Homegurl

My homegurl is a member of the East Valley Mormon Choral Organization; it's our community's local choir, and she loves being a member more than buying a new dress at Forever 21.  She now has our family listening to the MoTab to and from school, on the way to the grocery store, and on our way home from ballet.  Today I wanted to push stop and play some Katy Parry, but I thought that would be a poor decision on my part, especially since I've been saying things like, "Kids, see how the feelings change in the car when I turn the MoTab off and turn on AC/DC instead.  Do you not feel like we're now really on the Highway to Dante's Inferno?  They always laugh, and then I switch the music back to "This Is My Beloved Son."  We all sing along when it gets to the H-h-h-ear Him part.

Do you know that part?  It gives me goosebumps every time I sing it, and I always find myself immediately thanking the Lord for music, a decent singing voice, and good homies who naturally gravitate to a better way of living.

If you're interested in hearing my homegurl's choir sing, watch the vid below. It sounds like a young MoTab, right?  And FYI: The choir director, Brandon Stewart (hellou, Julliard graduate) is in my ward.  Last week I did a little tap-tap on his shoulder and said, "My daughter loves you and your choir."  He nodded and smiled, so I think he was just trying to tell me that Hannah is his favorite student.

"This Is My Beloved Son"

P.S.  One of the organists, Clay Christiansen, is my dad's BFF. Not to brag.


  1. I wish it gave me goosebumps, the older I get the minute I hear this type of music I tear up. Embarrassing. I have to contort my face to supress the reaction and I am sure it isn't pretty. Sometimes in Sacrament meeting my kids say "what is wrong mom?"!!! I sure wish we had a singer in the fam, not one of our blessings. Hannah you rock! And we will definatley be attening the next EVMCO concert.
    P.S. I feel a bit like a stalker with all these comments I have been leaving. Sorry about that, hope I'm not creeping you out.

  2. Stalker? We're BFFs, not even close to a stalker's relationship. I do actually cry when I sing the hymns, especially when I have to lead the following sacrament hymns: "There's a Green Hill," "O God, the Eternal Father," "Upon the Cross of Calvary," "In Humility, Our Savior," the lists goes on, and this was TMI, for sure. Have a good weekend!

  3. katy, is it too late to sign Kassidy up for this? I have been looking for a group for her to join. she likes to sing.

  4. Jill, the choir runs like semesters in school: one sign-up in the fall, one in the winter. We will sign-up together next fall:)

  5. yes i emailed them and its for sure too late this semester. Next fall. sounds good to me.