Monday, February 20, 2012

On Not Making It

When one door closes, another door opens.  Helen Keller said something like this once, and it has become our new mantra.  My homegurl's audition results have not matched her hopes, her dreams, so we are carefully crafting a new plan.

Our conversations have been filled with doubt and discouragement.

Me: We should have started you in ballet when you were three, hired a private coach.  I should re-enroll you in Natasha's class.  Who cares if she left you crying and humiliated in front of your class.  She'll get you into Kirov.

Her:  The other girls were better.  I could have leaped higher, practiced longer, stretched more.  I could have...But I did my very best, Mom. Right now is my very best.

Me:  Forget about it.  Your best is all you can do, and you've pushed your body past exhaustion.  The Lord knows your deepest desires, Hannah.  This little bump in your ballet road must mean nothing in this stretch of your life.  He'll get you where you need to go.  No doubt.  But like Nephi, you've got to build your own boat, do the work.  And then you must knock on Heaven's door like never before.

Here's our new plan:

Two weeks here:
Three weeks here:

She will make it.

P.S.  Alexander Graham Bell is the author of the above mentioned quote, not Helen.