Tuesday, February 24, 2009

All the Single Ladies...All the Single Ladies

You may think that I'm invading her privacy, but we have a rule. If your mom has to clean your room because she can't stand the wet towels and the scorpion attractin' candy wrappers all over the dresser, then anything that's left laying around is free game. So when I found this little "Top Secret" booklet in mi homgurl'z dresser drawer, I couldn't wait to see what it said. It was seriously like striking gold or winning Publisher's Clearing House.

(A little aside: some of you may think that I'm betraying mi homegurl, doing things like stabbing her in the back. Not so fast, chica! I used a little bribery and asked her permission to publish her "Top Secret" booklet in exchange for a trip to Wet Seal. Anyhoo....all the single ladies out there better listen up because this "Top Secret" booklet will change your life.
  • The "Top Secret: The Girls Guide to Love Rules" was published with permission and copied verbatim.

The Girls guide to Love rules

1. Never tell a boy you like him. He may spread it and you'll probably be humiliated.

2. If you like a boy this is what I do: I bump into him and say OMIGOSH! I'm so sorry and give him a cute smile.

3. The boy doesn't really care how you dress just your personality and your facial looks.

4. Tell a trusting friend that you like the boy. But make sure your careful he/she may spread it.

5. You could have one of your friends ask if the boy likes you. And she/he should say hey_______ what's up. Just wondering if you like that person. If the person asks why just say. Well I'm just wondering. If he says no. Just shrug and if he says yes smile. And if he asks does she like me just shrug and walk away.

6. You also can sense if a boy likes you if they stare at you or smile and glance at you. That's all for now!
Mi Homgurl has got some moves goin' on. I think I'll take her advice and try rule #2 and #6 on mi Amor tonight. You never know, her advice might spark up some love magic.

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  1. This must be laminated for her future reference! These are excellent love rules. #3 is the best...but if that's true, she wouldn't have been so easily bribed to go to Wet Seal, now would she? Good thing she has the personality and "facial looks" going on!