Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Word to Mi Madre

Spanglish translation: Word to my mother. That's right. I dig my mom big time, mostly because she is so good at letting me be ME. Por exemplo, when I was in the 7th grade, I wanted to be a Chola (Mexican-American gangsta' girl). There were some Cholas in my typing class, and so I sat by them every day. After I told them I was 1/8th Mexican (a total lie), they kinda-sorta tolerated me. They even let me walk with them during the passing period, and that's when big changes started happening in my life. I thought to myself, "I'm going to show mis amigas that this 1/8th Mexican girl can rock that Chola look." I went home and did the following:

1. Got some huge claw bangs goin' on.
2. Bought some black old skool Vans and wrote mi barrio, Casa Blanca, around the white rubber part. (It's a real barrio, look it up.)
3. Carried in my purse: Aqua Net, the darkest shade of Wet 'n' Wild lip liner available, and a black permanent marker, just in case I needed to write a message on the bathroom wall. You know, things like: new boyfriends, girls I (we) didn't like, or the ever changing "list" of amigas in "our" group.
4. Gave myself a nickname: La Tiny (usually given to you by your homegurlz, but I was cool with naming myself).
5. Practiced saying tough things like: "Don't be lookin' over here. I saw you lookin' over here."
Monday came. And when I walked out ready for school, mi Madre said, "Your hair looks taller. That must have taken hours." She was right. I went to school and told mis homegurlz that
I had a Mexican boyfriend and my nickname was La Tiny. Our conversation went something like:

La Sad Girl: I like your shoes.
La Casper: I like your bangs.
La Flaca: Casa Blanca, rifa!
La Tiny (me): I know, huh!!!!

I said goodbye to mis dias de las Chola at the end of 7th grade. In 8th, I was a total Valley Girl. Like, oh my gosh! Gag me with a spoon! To this day, mi Madre says: "Like, totally!"


  1. What should we call our gang now? Ladies on Linda Lane? I'm so creative!

  2. I'm thinkin' more like, Las Chicas de las Linda Lane. We got to keep it authentic!