Tuesday, February 17, 2009

FHE: Sweeter Than Apple Pie!

Life just got a little sweeter. That's because last night mi Amor gave the F.H.E. lesson. You guessed it! And I'm here to confirm that yes, indeed, he IS patterning his life after those sweet translated souls from the City of Enoch. But I'm thinkin' that last night's kindness was due to something else. Something like me rantin' around the house, utterin' things like: "I'm about to go berserk....have a nervous breakdown....someone....anyone please, for the love of good,....plan the Family Home Evening lesson cuz' THIS SHIP's asinkin'....fast!" My words motivated mi Amor so much that he googled: F.H.E. : Lessons for the Desperate and came up with the above pictured lesson. 

All my wailing and gnashing of teeth also sent my Hannah to aplannin' some F.H.E. fun. A little aside: It's nice to know that the only other girl in our household has got my back. You know, she's my homegurl....to the core!

We gathered together for our F.H.E. and to my surprise, we had two prepared lessons: Mi Amor's and mi Homegurl'z. Mi Amor only had patience for one lesson...his. And, so a little scuffle ensued between the two. Mi Homegurl sensed that our sweet F.H.E. mood was achangin': the dog started abarkin', the other kids started founchin', and the Spirit was escapin'. She quickly made some necessary changes to the F.H.E. program. Yes, I said program. Refer to picture above.

Mi Amor's lesson was given.
Tears were shed.
A prayer was said.
Sweet treats were devoured.
And yes, we had fun!!!!!

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  1. The other chica in your house is a VATA LOCA and I love you both sin cesar!!!