Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Boring Is What Boring Does

Mi homegurl learned the hard way that sayin' things to me like, "I'm bored" and "There's nothing to do" earns  her a big FAT, "I'll give you something to do" chore list.  So the other day, she had a group of girlfriends over.  And instead of asking me for suggestions on what to do, they made up a list of their own. I busted a gut when I later found their "Idea" list.  I  just couldn't resist highlighting and adding to some of their suggestions.

1.  Jump in pool.  That was a no can do because it was filled with leaves.  I heard one girl say, while peering out the window at the pool, "Looks a little slimy in there."

2.  Do a movie in our swimsuits.  Hold on there, chicas.  Just because mi Homgurl is a love expert doesn't mean she's quailified to direct the next, Linda Lane: Girls Gone Wild video. I better keep a closer eye on that girl.  She's getting a little too frisky in her old age.

3.  Slip n Slide, if we still have one....She forgot that, no, we don't have a slip n slide.  We threw it in the trash because it was home to about 7 scorps., two of which were found near her bedroom door. Plus, mi Amor was tired of looking at our front lawn's landing strip of dead grass that the slip 'n' slide left behind.  I miss the constant reminder of last summer's belly sliding.  

4.  Visit Nancy Farill because she might be passing away soon.  Oh my, heavens!  I didn't know whether I should laugh or cry at this one.  Nancy Farill is this sweet woman in our ward who suffers from a severe case of M.S. She's paralyzed and confined her wheelchair and bed 24, 7.  Mi Homgurl and her chicas usually visit Nancy every Sunday.  But apparently mi Homgurl's recent observation that Nancy's health is declining made her consider an off Sunday visit.  So sweet, really.

5.  Do a sale for cookies.  There's nothing better than making a little chi-chang! And that's exactly what these girls decided to do.  They baked up a batch of delicious chocolate chip cookies and went door to door (to people we know) and sold their cookies.  Brother Sellers, bless his heart, gave the girls 5 bucks for 2 cookies; and they made 15 bucks, total.  When the boyz in the hood caught wind of the chicas' bake sale success, they decided to bake and sell their own goodies.  Unfortunately, the boyz experienced little success.  Maybe it was because they weren't as cute as the chicas, or maybe our generous neighbors were out of cash.  I felt bad and gave them 7 bucks because I care about their self-esteem and whatnot.  I started to eat one of their brownies, proving my undying love and appreciation, when a closer look revealed that the brownies were a magical mix of chocolate and grass. 

I asked the boyz, "Did you drop these because I see grass in here?" 

They said, "Maybe a bush got to them."

I said, "I need a refund."

They said, "We can't. You already touched the brownies."

I kept the brownies, cleaned up the chicas' HUGE cookie mess, and thanked my lucky stars for creative and fun kids. 

P.S.--Mi Homgurl and boy visited Nancy on Sunday.  Thanks, Nancy, for letting my little rascals into your home.  It's good for them.


  1. Haha Katy...Cameron told me that Stephanie bought all those brownies! Sorry you got stuck with those....the girls cookies were gone in about 2.2 seconds in this house! That was the day they were bustin' a gut all day in the backyard...gotta love this street...

  2. Wait, is that the actual pic of the grass brownies???

  3. Um, yes! Cam was the one who said a bush got to them. Got to love that kid!