Monday, March 23, 2009

Sabbath BAND-AID

Excuse moi,  I've got to share a Relief Society moment.

So yesterday was Sunday, and we gotz a few keepin' the Sabbath Day holy rules.  Basically our kids can do anything as long as it doesn't include watching regular T.V. shows, playing video games, swimming, playing with friends, smiling, laughing, or having fun...just kidding.  But I think they sometimes feel like Sundays=M-I-S-E-R-Y.   We always give them the usual suggestions: journal writing, watching church videos, baking, writing notes, coloring, and memorizing the names of the Twelve Apostles and the First Quorum of the Seventy. Apparently that last suggestion sent my littlest boy straight to the knife drawer where he stuffed a pocket knife into his little pocket and headed for the bathroom, not to slash his wrists due to his Sabbath Day dread, but to hide his curiosity for knives from us.  Mi Amor has repeatedly told him to layoff the pocket knives, but his warnings only make the boy more curious.

As I was slicing up some Sabbath dinner fruit, humming to MoTab's rousing rendition of "Come, Ye Children of the Lord," I heard his desperate cry, "Mom! Hurry, I'm blooding."  Out came that little boy with a bloody finger and a skewampus band aid wrapped around every part of his finger except the bleeding part.  I scooped him up and took him to mi Amor.  This was a man to boy moment, so I left the two of them alone to discuss.

They came out 2 minutes later, the boy with a new band aid and Mi Amor with a learning moment.  He said, "I wonder how Heavenly Father feels when He asks us not to do something, yet we choose to do it anyway?"  I thought about Mi Amor's insightful observation throughout the rest of the day and I couldn't stop thinking about John 3:16: "For God  so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life."  I'm so indebted to the Lord for all of the mistakes I've made. I'm inexplicably grateful for Christ's Atonement.  Like my little boy confessing to Mi Amor, I can go to Heavenly Father and ask for forgiveness and through His grace, I can be forgiven. "But behold, the Lord hath redeemed my soul from hell; I have beheld his glory, and I am encircled about eternally in the arm of his love.  2 Nephi 1:15

Now I've got to go dry my tears and ask for more forgiveness because I just yelled at my boyz for buggin' me while writing this post.  

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