Sunday, March 29, 2009

Heart Attack

I devoured an entire box of Joe-Joe's within the last 38 hours. They're addicting; don't try them.  I kept telling myself to stop after eating two. Okay, just two more, then you're done.  I even put them up high on top of my food storage (heaven knows I never poke around there). I moved them back down and ate two more. I forgot about them until I remembered I needed a snack to go with my Dr. Pepper, at least it's diet. Doesn't that cancel a few calories?   I put the Joe-Joe's box on the counter and pulled the tray of cookies out.  I turned off my mental self control button, then went to my room and changed into sweats. I'll have to wear sweats tomorrow too.   I won't try to shimmy on my jeans.  It'll make me feel bad. Plus, I hate the dent the zipper leaves on my finger from all that pulling.  

p.s. I might want to worry less about pant size and more about my heart.  Inhaling 105 grams of fat within 38 hours can't be good.  Can I still have my temple recommend?

p.s.s.  You've noticed that I've been working on my Dr. Pepper addiction.  Yes, I've made the move from cans to liter bottles.  Baby steps, chicas, baby steps.


  1. Ok....what the heck???? You were holding out on on the "addicting" snacks until we were gone??? Oh well! At least it is more carbs I won't have to work off on my re-hind! (Did I even spell Josh's word right?)

  2. Bryce is gone. I do a little binging when that happens. No purging, just in case you were wondering. Josh said he misses Max. And yes, that's how you spell it.

  3. oh my gosh Katy I just found this blog from Kelee's...I can't believe I didn't even know it existed. I love it. I love the mall bribe-the-boys thing...I can so relate. I love how you write. And I totally feel for you with the ongoing neighbor stuff!

  4. k katy you're so funny. If I get like a box of chocolates or something I just eat them in as short a time span as possible cuz my little theory is that my body can only absorb so much at a time!! haha hows that an excuse to pig out! btw- I am not gonna try those.