Thursday, March 5, 2009


I grabbed this book from mi Amor's bookshelf and packed it in my purse.  I needed something to read while I sat in the orthodontist's waiting room.  I usually love having a justifiable reason for perusing the waiting room's magazine rack, but I'm trying to wean myself from my Pop Culture obsession.  "More good books, less magazines," I tell myself as I let three people go ahead of me in the WalMart line so I can finish reading what's going on between Jen and Angelina.   

I'm diggin' the message that this book's cover is sending out; sleep, solitude, and a really nice bod.  Yes, please. I'll take all of that.  Hopefully the book will prove to be as good as its cover.  It's a guarantee because mi Amor doesn't house trash on his bookshelves.

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