Thursday, April 16, 2009

I Have 10

My cash-only diet has me living on spare change.  I'm sitting here thinking I'd better pack some pb & j sandwiches because I can't scrape together 4.50 for tomorrow's hot lunches.  My homies won't eat the sandwiches because they're afraid of salmonella poisoning, so I'll go with jelly and butter instead. No meat, remember?  

I've been clipping coupons and that's good for me.  I no longer toss the blue ValuPak mailers. I didn't know that both Ocean Blue and Gecko Grill offer buy one, get one free, or nail salons offer discounts on pedicures.  I need one bad.  I hate looking down at my calloused heels encrusted with perma-dirt. Bluck.  My b-day is coming up, so I'm going to set aside a coupon just in case (Stephanie, that was for you).  But I won't use this coupon.  Only 09 nails?  Well I have 10.

p.s.--Mi Amor informed me that "Nails 09"  isn't a silly name.  It's the year they established their business.  I didn't make that connection, not so clever.


  1. Just because they est. that year doesn't really make it a GOOD name does it? I'm just sayin'..
    I've got the permadirt thing going too. If all goes as planned I'll be getting that taken care of tomorrow. A little birthday residual:)

  2. I'm totally jealous. You better wear sandals( maybe new ones?) to church tomorrow so I can see. I'll be wearing boots because my legs are hairy and my toenails are yellow.

  3. Okay so I've resorted to coupons as well...i hate budgeting. Katy, you are hysterical and I love reading your blog.
    BTW maybe you get a special discount for only having 9 toe/fingernails? It's worth a try.

  4. Kristie, I wish you'd move here. I tell Stephanie that all the time. Coupons stink!