Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Chalk Talk

I'm the only one in my household who takes the garbage out.  My homies prefer watching the trash pile grow higher and higher.  I've seen them strategically place their crumpled papers on top of the already overflowing trash, then slam the door shut before any of it can topple out onto the floor--so sneaky. I've taken a picture so you can feel my pain:

Note to Self:
Start recycling and stop feeding your homies processed foods like donuts and Cheetos (all in one day). You'll have a lot less trash. 

One perk of taking the garbage out is I get to walk by and admire my homies' chalk art.  I haven't hosed it off the walls because I think it's cute.  It's reassuring to know that they're still creative and smart even though I allow them to watch too much TV.

  They're practicing-up for Sabbath tic-tac-toe.  They'll never beat him.

As I admired the chalk art this morning, I noticed a new addition. Blue graffiti?  

When my homies come home, I won't yell at them for spray painting our wall.

I'll tell them that I'm actually quite fond of graffiti art and I'm going to leave it there.  It's so LA of us, really.


  1. I love that graffiti! Clever mom! You always have awesome posts! You have truly the best blog EVER!!!

    Love YOU!

  2. If you bought less processed foods your trash would also be alot more smelly. So see? Processed foods aren't ALL bad.

    I agree with Hannah- you are VERY clever :)

  3. That is so TRUE! I just threw some steamed broccoli in the trash and now I dry heave every time I open the trash door. Love ya, Kate!

  4. LOL. I think you have the best blogs ever too!!!! Everyday I think I'm gonna write too...but..it just doesn't happen. I have a lot to live up to!!!!! What if mine are boring? LOL. Anyways! Keep it up!

  5. You're making me blush! I know your blog would be H-I-L-A-R-I-O-U-S! You better get writing because I need a good laugh!

  6. I've just spent HOURS on your blog and your "Blogs I Heart." It's a complete education. For example, I didn't know that shopping for clothing at Anthropology could be an erotic experience. Very liberating. Better than cupcakes.

  7. Yes, much better than cupcakes. Did you load your Anthropologie shopping cart up with goods and wish you could just buy it all? That's what I do. It's cathartic and EROTIC, almost as good as really buying it all...almost.

    p.s.--I'm printing out and framing your comment because you're famous like a celebrity.

  8. I know a good thing, Louise!