Saturday, September 24, 2011

Iambic Pentameter and Bad Words

I thought this video would be an engaging intro to iambic pentameter.  It's so clever, really, and high schoolers, even the smart ones, get bored so easily.  They're so used to jumping from one information source to another.  They like their information to be quick and fast-paced, and they don't want to spend a bunch of time processing it.  That's what computers are for, not their brains.  All the information they need is just a click away, so why write it down or even memorize it?

New story:

Yesterday on the kindergarten playground, Alisia's and my conversation went like this:

"Ms. S., Ethan is saying bad words."
"What kind of words is he saying, Alisia?" I asked.
"Well he-he, well when he jumped off the swing he said, 'Oh my Bob!'" (Insert Lord's name in vain here.)
"I have to tell you that in some homes that's not a bad word.  I can tell in your home it is, so you can politely ask him not say that word around you."

Alisia, not satisfied with my disciplining measures, went on.

"He said a lot more bad words, Ms. S."
And before I could even stop her, "Moms don't let their kids say, 'Oh, spit!'" (You know what word to insert here.)

I covered my mouth to keep from giggling.  It's not often I hear a bright-eyed, pony tailed five-year-old girls spout out some real swear words.

"Alisia, I will talk to Ethan, but you just said all the bad words, too."

"Oops!" she said, covering her mouth.

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  1. i just woke up and you've made me laugh. its going to be an incredible day.