Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Listening and Thinking

I'm eating a chicken salad sandwich while I'm listening and sweeping and scrubbing.  Do you listen to this channel or what?  Mrs. Virginia Pearce's stories have been making me tear-up and smile all afternoon, so now I may have to send her a BFF charm in the mail.  Don't get jealous, Babs.

I'm sprucing up this place for when my homies get home.  My house smells like bleach mixed with my favorite candle's scent. It's what makes my homies say, "We love when we come home to a clean house."  After I'm done sprucing I'm going to make salsa.  Then I can greet Mi Amor with my dragon breath when he gets home.

P.S.  I may have too many eggs.  Someone needs to write a list before she goes to the store...

P.P.S.  My homgurl just pointed out that one of the egg carton's expiration date was in April of 2010.  I guess this picture is old, but I thought I took it recently because I still have a four-stack of half empty egg cartons shoved in my fridge.  Also, the Claussen pickles are still there.


  1. Been way to long! And you are too funny. Fleuvog is where it's at. Enjoy and see me soon.

  2. I would not dare take a photo of the inside of my refrigerator.