Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Mathematical Heir

Have I told you my overall high school math GPA was a D, a 1.0? I tell you this because I chose my college major based on prerequisites that required little or no math skill.  I did fine in my college math classes, but an English major only had to take Pre-Algebra, which didn't require use of a TI30 calculator and was really a review of what I didn't understand in high school.

Each night, this English major and her homgurl park their derrieres at the kitchen table and have a math par-tay. Our nightly "incapable leading the blind" math celebrations are mixed with lots of Diet Dr. Peppers and episodes of tear-jerking frustration (me) and endless teeth gnashing (my homegurl).

(Not to brag, but OUR overall homework score is a 94.4%, FYI, so don't put this gal out to pasture yet.)

But our nightly math parties are doing the two of us a disservice, so that's why we're signing up here, together.

Now we'll park our derrieres at Larry's table, and just maybe we can conclude our "par-tays" tear-free. Right, Larry?


  1. I had to take remedial math when I began college. REMEDIAL MATH. I can only say that, because it's been fifty years since I began college. I'm here to say you can get through life without math, although it helps to know your times tables (which I do).

    Brava to your homegurl. Brava to you.

  2. I love you, Louise! This will be our second time visiting Larry's table. Second time's a charm?