Tuesday, May 1, 2012

World Map

In high school, I couldn't have pointed to Botswana on the world map hanging at the front of the classroom.  I didn't know where the rest of the world was, outside the fifty-nifty United States, until my freshman year in college--an embarrassing confession, I know.  I've spent the last two days subbing in a World History class, and the map pictured above engulfs the classroom's front wall.  Nine feet by thirteen feet, the world map includes time zones, the varying depths of every ocean, and all the cities, states, countries found on this good earth.

While I walked around the classroom today, ensuring students were writing their five paragraphs about Gandhi, I paused to peruse the map.  I found Iraq, then looked for Hong Kong. Running my finger along the equator, I stop in Brazil.  "You're weird, Katy," I thought to myself, turning around to see if anyone was looking at me.  Two students were entranced, so I crinkled my nose and whispered, "I want one of these maps, you know?"  I quickly looked the other way and began shuffling papers, pretending to be doing something important.  They thought I was weird for sure.  Aren't all subs?

If you want to plaster your wall with a real-live map like the one you'd find at Highland High School, a whooping 150 bucks will get you one of these.  Click here for details.  I'm ordering one this very minute.


  1. My MIL has one in her office with pins where she has traveled. I love looking at it. I also love globes. Fun!

  2. Decorating with maps is very chic, but then you are very chic. IKEA has one (not this big), but Tom and I stared at it and thought America was missing. Is that possible?