Sunday, May 3, 2009


I tucked my worries away and opted for a carefree day. I let the kids stay home from school, so we could be like Prince and party like it was 1999. (Remember Y2K? I worried.) We skipped to the car, rolled down the windows, and pumped-up the music. We sang along to "Killer Queen" and let our hands ride wind roller coasters all the way to the M-A-L-L. That's right, I said the mall. Never mind that I only had 40 bucks to last me until next Friday, we were going to lunch!

I told my homies, "Don't order sodas because we're running low on cash."

"Okay," They said.

"And don't eat the bread from the free sample plate. Germs."


"You're sharing sandwiches and don't order the kids' meal, even if the kids in front of you are ordering kids' meals. They have more money, and you should have asked Heavenly Father for a rich mom."

"We like you, Mom," They said.

My lunch rules were ruining their cheery moods. I could tell because their shoulders were slumping and their eyes were drooping like Eeyore's from Winnie the Pooh. "Let it go, psycho." I thought to myself. I relaxed and let them share a soda. My friend joined us too and that made lunch taste even better.

I had $15.00 left, and I felt like blowing it all. We'd just live on dehydrated carrots and potato buds until payday. Who needs meat anyway, especially ground beef. It's disgusting. I said to the kids, "Let's buy flowers for May Day and sparkle balls." (The balls are the latest rage in Gilbert, AZ.) On we went to Walgreen's and Fresh and Easy, spending all but fifteen cents.

I was fine with the empty rattle the two coins were making in my wallet. But on our way home, the car's check engine light started blinking. I cringed at the thought of paying for a car repair. Maybe the mechanics have little girls. Maybe they would take Jean Kate hair clips in exchange for the car repair. Maybe they would take sparkle balls, roses, and a half eaten sandwich too. I closed my eyes and took a deep breath. I reached for the stereo's volume and notched it up to loud. We rolled down the widows and sang along with Bob Marley's "Three Little Birds:"

Don't worry about a thing, cause every little thing gonna be alright.
Singin: Don't worry about a thing, cause every little thing gonna be alright!

So true, Bob. We're going to be just fine, even if we have to ride the bus tomorrow.


  1. Singin sweet songs of melodies pure and true,
    Sayin, this is my message to you-ou-ou... um k you're fun. what are sparkle balls?

    I am so with you on the ground beef thing! we don't eat it either. its disgusting. sharing a soda's not so bad when there's free refills :) eh?

  2. oh ummmm.... right, per the picture... but still. what do you do with them?

  3. ok i know 3 comments is a little mucho but the captcha (word verification) on that last one made me type "vomet" which reminded me of ground beef again.


  4. You're the best, Jill! I meant to tell you that I loved the green shirt you were wearing yesterday. Gorgeous!

  5. Are you my secret admirer? (The picture of the roses looks similarly familiar to the pink ones left on my front porch!) Been fretting over this all weekend wondering who I needed to send a plate of cookies to to thank. My husband was a little jealous... good plan not leaving a card... maybe he'll try a little harder for Mom's Day this week... ;)

    They are beautiful, blooming, and smell wonderful! Thank you! Thank You!! (If it's you!!)

  6. I'm guilty! I should've left a card. I ran out of time. I'm so glad he was jealous. That's so cute. He needs to work hard this Mother's Day. I already told Bryce he's cooking, and it had better be good. We deserve it. Who else would change the toilet paper rolls if we weren't around?

  7. Okay, you skipped school with your kids... I am so on board with that! I hate the school routine... I want to live and explore and wake up naturally, not to my blasted 7:00am alarm. I love having my kids on any kind of break. My parents and sister Michelle came to Toyko a few weeks ago and I basically said, "screw school, exploring is more important" and took them out of school for most of 3 weeks". We had a blast. I love it when my kids are home. I like that you ditched for no reason other than to be carefree...ahhhhhh such is the life.