Tuesday, May 19, 2009

We Heart NYC

My homgurl and I are off to the Big City. We have an agenda jam-packed with shows, shopping, and eating. We're going to stuff our faces full with cupcakes(not from Magnolia Bakery, though). We hear Amy's Bread makes a better cupcake. I will give you a full report when I return on Sunday.

Maybe our homeboyz will miss us. Maybe mi Amor's heart will grow fonder while I'm away (for me, let's hope). They're going to miss us; it's a guarantee because who else is going to change the toilet paper?

P.S.--That black book pictured above might be the best New York guide ever written. It's entitled, Not For Tourists Guide to New York City.

P.P.S.--I've been collecting those toilet paper rolls for about two weeks. I'm going to turn them into music shakers, the kind you fill with pinto beans (heaven knows my food storage needs rotating). I'll make them for the nursery kids. Although, that could prove disastrous because they might bite right through them. Then I'd be responsible for creating a choking hazard--not good.

Someone in mi casa needs a lesson on how to use less toilet paper. My grandpa could get the job done using three squares. That's impressive.


  1. Will I see in you in the audience at Martha's show or David L's???? Have a great time! I love NYC!

    PS I won't ask how you EVEN knew that little fact about your grandpa!

  2. Have so much fun! I know you will!
    Also, who will take out the trash right? We got the same thing goin on over here.

  3. New York City is the best!

    I had a friend who wrote a song for Family Home Evening about wasting toilet paper to be sung to Tea for Two. It was called, One for Pee and Two for Poo.

    Why not just use your left hand and save all that toilet paper money?

  4. Do boys even use tp?? im pretty jealous. i've wanted to go to NYC forever!!! have fun!

  5. NYC is a blast. It's definitely a different life style! You girls will have a blast. Don't worry about the headbands, whenever you have time, that's great. I would love to use the white one at her blessing if it fits..most of the ones I have right now are too big. Any whoo her blessing is on june 7th.