Saturday, May 9, 2009

Star Trek Love

Tonight mi Amor took me to see Star Trek.  I got goose bumps 20 times, cried once, and squeezed his hand throughout the entire movie.  I LOVED IT!  It reminded me of when we were newlyweds, and every night we'd cuddle up on the couch and watch Star Trek: The Next Generation (I heart Captain Picard). 

After the movie I asked mi Amor to name the top three people he'd want to mind meld (share/trade knowledge). He's a private person and doesn't like broadcasting his beeswax to the universe, so I'll just share my answers:

Top 3 people I'd mind meld:

I also asked him to where would he energize.  I told him I'd go to Tokyo, France, Jerusalem, and isle 10 at Walmart.  That's where they keep Stacy's Cinnamon Sugar Pita Chips.  I've eaten a whole bag of those today, and now my jeans feel too tight. Good thing it's Sunday tomorrow. I'll wear my moo moo to church.  

p.s.--We're going to dress up like the USS Enterprise Starfleet for Halloween. The movie was that inspiring.

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  1. Mom,I'm sure the movie was awesome, just like you!! Love ya'!