Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Hot Pink Pencil Box

The kids in Mrs. Harnish's kindergarten class have a way of keeping you from going astray. Chase will welcome you with a hug, his arms tightly wound around your thighs. He'll say, "Your legs feel kinda of wiggly-jiggly, huh?" And then a veil of guilt will fall across your heart as you think, "I should have skipped eating that fun-sized Kit-Kat for breakfast."

And then, while your reading a story to Mrs. Harnish's kids, the story about Mr. Wormy and his gargantuan apple, Grant will sneeze a sneeze so large, it will spray spittle-spattle all over your face. You'll gracefully wipe away the spatter, promising yourself a stop at Walgreen's for a flu shot--you've earned it.

While you're explaining to Miranda how to connect the dots, she'll plug her noise while telling you that mints are the best way to cure a serious case of bad breath. She may also remind you to brush more often.

Then Abigail and Shirley will tap you on your shoulder and say, "Little boys should never bring their crayons to school in a hot pink pencil box. Pink is for girls and pretty princesses, not for little boys."

They'll point to the hot pink pencil box sitting atop your very own son's desk. You'll walk over to where he is sitting and whisper into his ear, "Is your pencil box hot pink?"

"Yes. You told me it was the color of cinnamon red, but the girls always say it's hot pink. They tell me this everyday."

You'll tell your little son that he's a stud and to not sweat those gals. What do they know, anyway?

But on the way home from Mrs. Harnish's class, you'll stop off at Walgreen's to buy an electric blue pencil box and a fresh set of crayons. You'll get your flu shot, and just before you check out, you'll buy a 3-pack of chocolates wrapped in gold foil. Instead of eating all three, you'll just eat one, because who wants to continue growing a set of wiggly-jiggly thighs?


  1. Helping out in Mrs. Harnish's class could be bad for your self esteem!!!!! Good thing you and your lil homie are made of tuff stuff!!!!

  2. You crack me up! Gotta love the brutal honesty of kids.

  3. Emily had Mrs. Harnish last year. Didn't realize that Josh had her this year. That is a tough bunch of kids she has this year. I can't imagine you have a wiggly giggly anything on your body. You are a hoot to read.

  4. That is a fine hot pink pencil box, but I think the electric blue one will keep him from being murdered. It reminds me of when I sent my young teenage son to play hockey in the neighborhood (in Minneota) wearing my white figure skates.

  5. Oh my word Katy you're the best writer. Love it.

  6. Katy I love reading your blog. You are so cute.

  7. Gotta love helping out at the kids' school! Ethan's favorite color used to be pink when he was 3. He was at the playground with two boys and they told him, "pink is for girls". He told them right back, "my mom said I can like any color I want!" I figured favorite colors always change :)

  8. That is such a cute story! There's nothing wrong with boys loving pink. I'm glad Ethan defended himself; he makes a great point: He can love whatever color he wants.