Sunday, September 13, 2009

Sabbath Day Scorp.


Let's just say that my La Tiny days came in handy on this blessed Sabbath Day. That's right, scorp. You're messin' with the wrong chica.
P.S. OK. I admit that mi Amor actually killed it, and I was only the photographer, but we look tough, don't we? My National Geographic photography and his bowhunting skills, there's no denying that we make a great team.

P.P.S I had one of these crawling up my lily white leg just a few days ago. I blamed it on Carolyn.


  1. Katy---I have been laughing so hard with tears in my eyes for the past hour since I stumbled on your blogsite---via following Shawnie's website!! I wish I could be your best friend and live next door to you!!! You are soooo funny!!! Thanks for making me giggle and giving me a reason to smile all day!!!

  2. You are too kind, Jill. You made me smile too!

  3. creapy! We had to deal with those in New Mexico, but thankfully it's too cold in Idaho for those. I don't envy you!

  4. I know; they're HORRIBLE. We find them all over the place.

  5. It's been over 2 weeks since one stung my finger and it's still feels wierd!!