Thursday, September 3, 2009

Mrs. Piggle-Wiggle

I missed the patience line in heaven (and a few other lines), so I have to work REALLY hard at keeping a lid on it. I tell my homies all the time, "It's kind of exciting having a mom like me; you never know what you're going to get: happy, sad, funny, yelling, dancing, flipping-out." They always say it's way fun, "It's like having a different mom everyday."

I'm not proud of that; really, I'm not. But a few years back I crossed my heart and promised to be the same mom before bed each night: happy mom. Sometimes I pretend to be a waitress. I drape a red cloth napkin over my arm and say, "Here's the water you ordered, Sir." They giggle and ask for another drink. I tell them, "We don't allow bed wetters in our restaurant, so we'd better not risk it."

Then we do "A Tickle and a Kiss." That's when I tickle them head to toe.

"Oops, I think you missed my little toe, Mom. And don't forget to skate figure eights around our eyes. That's the best part."

When they're satisfied with their tickle, I lean over and plant a wet one on each forehead. Sometimes I go crazy, kissing every inch of each face. "That's enough! That's too many kisses--gross," they say.

Then I settle underneath the doorway and read.

"Can we have a whole chapter tonight?" they ask.

"We'll see."

I read until their breathing becomes synced with the ceiling fan whirring above our heads. They often drift into dreamland before I've finished two pages. I continue sitting, still reading. I know I can stop, but I read on. The story holds me still in time, quiet, secure, constant.

I finish a chapter, bunny ear the page, and lay the book next to the door. I tuck in their blankets, leaving their feet naked--the way they like it. I pass out another round of kisses and whisper, "Goodnight."

The REAL reason for this post was to say how much I LOVE the book pictured above. My kids can't wait to read it again tonight.


  1. Can you be my mom? Your posts always inspire me to be a better mom and to have more fun with my kiddos. They probably won't want me around much longer. I am so glad I found your blog!

  2. It always sounds so much better on a blog post. I'm sure it's not as good as I make it sound:)

  3. that was so very sweet :) LoVE the tickling!

  4. I stand as a witness: I have observed bedtime at your house. It IS as fun as your blog! Not only are you inspiring as a blogger, but as a mom among us!

  5. Thank you Mrs. Piggle Wiggle for saving us from our worst selves. Magic!

  6. I totally need to get that book! And I need to make a vow to be "happy mom" at night too. I just get so darn tired.