Thursday, April 22, 2010

Fresh and Sleezy

I'm not a pervert; that's just what mi Amor calls the store, Fresh and Easy. Can I just express my deep hatred for this store? Can I, huh? Can I?

1. It's a faux Trader Joe's. No one can duplicate Trader Joe's. No one.
2. You have to bag your own groceries. And that takes me hours due to the testy "Please place your item in the bag" computer lady.
3. I always come home with smashed hamburger buns.
4. The store employees bug. "Would you like a magnet?" "No thanks," I say. "My fridge has wood paneling." Then the man tells me, "I'll give you two, just in case you get a new fridge."

That's all for now.

P.S. Fresh and Sleezy does play some good music, though. I think Olivia Newton-John's "Let's Get Physical" was playing, and I did shake my junk and sing all the way down the cereal isle. Why would a religious gal like me enjoy dancing to such a scandalous song? Maybe I am a perve after all.


  1. i heard Bob Marley there once. So yay for that. I don't see the point in that store either. I wasn't impressed.

  2. What? I love it! I can be in and out in 5 minutes..especially handy when I have no time for the "real" grocery store.

    And, I am an Olivia Newton-John fan, when I was 10-12 my sister and I and our neighbor friends made a club based on our love for her. It was "The Olivia Newton-John Dolphin Unicorn Club". I was very exclusive.

  3. Carlie, I'm seriously busting a gut right now. I say I hate the store, yet I shop there about every day of the week.

  4. My sister and I fight about many of them being Fresh and Easy. I hate that store! The cereal is disgusting and since my family eats cereal about 80% of our meals, that's a problem. Also, I think it is LAME that there are like four "helpful" clerks standing around handing out magnets while I am BAGGING my groceries! They stand right there and watch you! And I always forget my gol dang coupons.

  5. Oh, p.s. the green creamy cilantro dressing in the cold section is delicious on a chicken taco salad. It keeps me coming back!

  6. When I'm forced to go there tomorrow, I'll have to purchase that dressing. Maybe it will become the store's only redeeming quality:)