Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Sugar Sugar

There isn't one thing I ate today that wasn't loaded with sugar--and fat. A slice of lemon cake, 4 chocolate macadamia nut truffles, imported from Hawaii (for your information), 2 Dr. Peppers, a handful of Japanese candy, and 3 Oreos. And I hate Oreos.

Tonight I hollered at my homies to "quit eating all that junk" while simultaneously pouring a box of Nerds into my wide-open jaws. What's wrong with me?

P.S. I just remembered that I did eat some edamame, so I guess I've been redeemed.

P.P.S. Mi Amor thought it was funny to take this picture of me when my glasses were broken, due to someone else's carelessness (names will go unmentioned), and I was suffering from a lengthy bout with pink eye. Can you believe how vile I look? Looks like the only friend I had in this situation was the Dr. Pepper nuzzled so comfortably in my hand.


  1. I personally think this is your best look! haha! I love that you love Dr. Pepper....I'm just sad you broke up with Sonic! and I love that Joshie and his mustache story! He was over today crackin' me up and I sent him home with a Diet Pepsi.....love that kid!

  2. i have days like that too! except no edamame to redeem me. and no dr. peppers so maybe that makes up for the no edamame

  3. i hate oreos too. except, I will honk a whole sleeve down if they come too near. that being said... still hate.

  4. hate is such a strong word. please replace with loathe.

  5. Kelee, Josh cried and cried after he came home from your house. He needs a new mother.

    Jill, we may be twins, separated at birth.

  6. obviously I was up waay too late last night.