Wednesday, April 21, 2010

This Girl

On the day she was born, I whispered in her ear: This girl will dance.
When she took her very first step, I enrolled her in a movement class. This girl, I thought, is headed for the Joffrey Ballet.

While she danced and twirled, I dreamed and plotted: Now I will give this girl the life she's always wanted.

Kick higher. Dance harder. Sweat until you are wrung dry. Fulfill your mother's deepest desire.

This girl danced; she did as she was told.

But then, on a certain day, this girl said, "I will not dance anymore."

"I want to kick the ball so hard it lands on the moon. I want to run like a gazelle and feel the wind whipping through my pony tail. This girl, mother, will not dance anymore."

While she kicked and scored, I sat and schemed: How will I get this girl to do what I've always wanted?

This girl, sovereign and strong, will make her own dreams come true. This girl will do what she was born to do.

P.S. The ever talented Shawni Pothier snapped this remarkable action shot of mi homegurl. I owe her big for capturing what I couldn't express with words.


  1. Love it. Love that Hannah. And love you! You are awesome, Katy.

  2. Wow! I didn't know she stopped dancing...

  3. Okay. I lied a little. She is taking one class, down from 6.

  4. Got a little teary-eyed...... what a great girlie you have!

  5. This girl is just as beautiful as her mom!