Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Jean Kate Glamor

Could you give this baby a bazillion kisses? She is, of course, modeling a bit of Jean Kate glamor. What would Miss V. say? Her baby radar would go berserk, off the charts, I'm sure.

Thanks Katherine for letting me post her picture. She's perfect.

The first picture is of clips I made for a famous lady in New York. She lives in Manhattan, and her apartment overlooks Central Park. I'm totally jeal. (in a non-envying sort of way).


  1. LOL. I'm thinking of coming there in July just to go to Last Chance. I was seriously contemplating it yesterday!

  2. I wish someone still made decorative bows for shoes. Black shoes.


  3. Love it! I know, It would be awesome to live in New York City! We will keep on dreaming!

  4. Hannah, your as good as it gets. My biggest fan, I'm lucky to have you.

  5. Louise, Why not go with a black flower for your hair? Bows for your ballet flats would be adorable, but your flower is still sitting here with no place to go. How will we remedy this situation? Maybe gift it to a beloved family member. I can mail it to them.

    I owe you BIG for all the giggles you send this way, so let me send it to you. I beg.