Monday, June 22, 2009

Word to mi Padre

This is so late! But I just have to say: I'm crazy about you, Padre! I've been thinking about you all day. While I was mopping my floors (on the Sabbath, so shoot me), I remembered that you were the one who taught me how to dry the floors, using a towel. You never just let the floors air dry. You always towel dry, right, Padre? Thanks to your mopping skills, I now have, for the moment, the cleanest floors on the block.

I think about you every time I listen to Barbara Streisand, Johnny Mathis, Frank Sinatra, and Glenn Miller. I think about you every time I call my littlest son's name: Edward. When I read my Patriarchal blessing, I'm reminded of how lucky I am to have you as a father. When I call you, blubbering my brains out about how much I think I stink (not in a b.o. sort of way), you always say, "You're a real winner, Katy." Remember how you had to tell me that a few months ago? What would I do without you?

Happy Father's Day.


  1. Mom, you do have the shiniest floors! You are the best mom ever!! I love you!

  2. Oh man do my floors need mopping!! (Will you come do mine? HA!)

    What a sweet post about your dad. Sounds like you have a great relationship with him!

  3. "What would I do without you"....I remember your mom used to say, "what would you do without your mother?...and the correct response was..."not much". :)

  4. That saying was our family motto. We repeated it more than i care to admit. What would I do without my parents, really? Love you!